1.1. Our ESG Journey So Far

Cities continue to be the engines for economic growth and social prosperity. From driving investments and effecting social change, to setting benchmarks in productivity and competitiveness, cities have been at the forefront of international progress. With the building sector primed to facilitate rapid urbanisation, there also comes the opportunity to tackle some specific challenges, especially for optimal utilisation of resources. With heavy reliance of the sector on natural resources, utilising between 20% to 40% of basic resources like water, raw materials, and energy; and contributions to water effluents and waste between 20% to 30%, there is a significant opportunity to harness and drive disruptive and sustainable change.

As a real estate developer, we are mindful of the impacts of our operations on the environment. We are also aware of the risks that depleting natural resources and other environmental issues pose to the sustainable growth of our business. In order to tackle the challenges, Mahindra Lifespaces practices and promotes sustainable urbanisation through an integrated approach to design and execute projects that is strongly rooted in environmental and social considerations. In the first wave - Sustainability 1.0 of our journey, our efforts revolved on developing green built environment, cascading sustainable practices across the supply chain, and enhancing the quality of our disclosures.

Sustainability 2.0 is a manifestation of our futuristic approach. Under this, we are focusing on moving towards carbon neutrality, integrating SDGs into business considerations, and deepening our engagement with customers and employees. This is being facilitated by our Sustainability Policy which helps us to realise our mission and create value for our stakeholders. The Policy, aligned with other organisational policies and the Group Sustainability Framework, comprises four pillars.

Mahindra Lifespaces - Our ESG Journey So Far

Mahindra Lifespaces - Pillars of Our Sustainability

1. 2. Our 10-year milestones

Our 10 year milestones

Our 10 year milestones

Our 10 year milestones

View our sustainability report here.

1.3. Our Road Ahead

Our 2025 Sustainability Roadmap enables us to chalk out our actions to deliver the well-being of our employees, environment, customers, and communities. The roadmap delivers the clear sense of direction that comes from assessing how we create value now while considering how we can create more in the future. 

Our 2025 sustainability Roadmap is aligned with:

  • Our business strategic objectives 
  • Mahindra Group Sustainability Framework 
  • External commitments – Science Based Target (SBT) and Carbon neutrality
  • Compliance requirements as per CSR Act and group CSR mandates
  • 6 capitals of International Integrated Reporting guidelines (IIRC) framework

Mahindra Lifespaces - Sustanaibility Roadmap

We have separate roadmaps per business - one for residential and the other for our IC & IC.

Roadmap progress:

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