Our Sustainability Policy

Mahindra Lifespaces’ corporate policies and codes form a key component of the governance framework. They guide our employees and other stakeholders across the value chain to uphold our commitment to ethics, transparency, and sustainability. To enhance transparency, all our policies have been published on our website and disseminated to our employees and supply chain partners through during induction and onboarding. Refresher trainings are also provided through the internal communication portal. Policies are also translated into local languages, wherever required.

Our Sustainability Policy enables us to realize our vision and purpose of bringing spaces alive. Mahindra Lifespaces practices and promotes sustainable urbanization through an integrated approach towards design and project execution that is strongly rooted in our environmental and social considerations. Our Sustainability policy is aligned with other organizational policies around Environment, Health and Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Supply Chain Management, Quality, Equal Opportunity, and our Code of Conduct. It follows the Mahindra Rise principles and Core values and is aligned to the Mahindra and Mahindra Sustainability Framework of - Building Enduring Business while Rejuvenating the Environment and Enabling stakeholders to Rise.

Mahindra Lifespaces has been an early adopter and pioneer in sustainable development. The policy renews our commitment to enable a million people to live, smile, and prosper by building homes, industrial parks, and cities that provide integrated ecosystem through design, experience & acceleration. Our array of sustainability-related policies provides a foundation for assessing ESG and climate-related risks and integrating sustainability into our operations. The four pillars of our Sustainability Policy – Sustainable Products, Sustainable Sites, Sustainable Offices, and Sustainable Communities – help us in realizing our vision and creating greener, safer, and healthier buildings for all.

Our sustainability policy can be accessed here.

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