Encouraging future generations to learn sustainable practices at Mahindra Lifespaces’ ‘Experiences’ at KidZania Mumbai.

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Empowering young learners to become #ArchitectsOfTheFuture

Learning through play is crucial for children’s holistic development in their foundational years.
In a unique partnership with KidZania Mumbai, Mahindra Lifespaces’ has launched its ‘Experiences’ , an exciting platform to empower kids to become #ArchitectsOfTheFuture. Here, they can unleash their creativity and explore sustainable development in an engaging and interactive environment located at KidZania Mumbai, R City Mall, Ghatkopar.

Building on Mahindra Lifespaces’ promise of ‘Crafting Life’, this immersive edutainment centre offers hands-on experience for kids to learn and enjoy across three distinct, cutting-edge zones:



Zone 1: Sustainable Design Studio

This zone helps kids to gain a profound understanding of the key design principles for building a greener tomorrow. Activities here introduce them to the concept of ‘Sustainable Development’, empowering them to design environmentally friendly homes virtually with a choice of sustainable elements.

Kids will have to pay 10 kidZos at this zone (the currency used at KidZania)


Zone 2: Green Power Hub

This zone educates kids about the importance of renewable energy sources. They actively pedal a stationary bicycle to produce carbon-neutral and sustainable green energy. The faster they pedal the bicycles, the more green energy they generate, helping them power household appliances like charging a phone or using a microwave.

Participating in this activity rewards kids with 15 Kidzo!


Zone 3: Construction Site

This zone allows kids to learn about building structures and techniques, understand the process, and use their skills to build sustainable homes. Here, young kids receive professional training on sustainable construction practices and can build homes using imitation bricks and cement.  There’s also a realistic working crane to transport construction materials to higher floors.

This activity rewards young learners with 8 Kidzo!

On completion, children will receive a certification of ‘Green Army Architect’. They can create a development using sustainable elements and experience being an architect of the future, and also understand the positive impact of their contributions to the environment, encouraging them to continue making greener choices in the future. These activities also refine kids’ psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

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