To stimulate environment friendly developments and creating a serene environment, Mahindra World City, Chennai, undertook plantation of native species on a large scale. The Miyawaki method of plantation, that involves planting different types of trees close together in a small area has led to the creation of an 'Urban Forest'.

Under the initiative, more than 3,00,000 saplings of native species have been planted across 150 acres of land. The urban forest initiative held in partnership with our partners communiTREE, created long term sustainable urban forests to restore the tree cover and facilitate enhanced biodiversity of native species, after which they will strengthen by developing trunks and root systems on their own. The urban forest at MWC Chennai will help reduce the carbon footprint of the surrounding areas.

The green forest cover acts as an excellent filter for urban pollutants and fine particulates. It not only improves the air quality but also significantly reduces temperature by 2-4° C, which in turn reduces the cost of operating artificial climate control systems. It acts as a noise and dust barrier and creates small habitat for birds and animals, increasing urban biodiversity. The urban forest within the city would contribute to the development of a carbon-neutral ecosystem, while aiding the replenishment of ground water.

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