1.1 Multi-Sector SEZ

Manufacturing units from different sectors can set up their unit at the Multi-Sector SEZ. It is dedicated to exporters for predominantly availing benefits of Nil import duty & zero-rated GST. The Multi-Sector SEZ is spread across ~1500 acres and home to 50+ Global & Domestic companies such as Infosys, Deutsche Bank, Sigma Electric, Metlife, KnitPro, etc.
  • The Multi-Sector SEZ is a dedicated zone for exporters where they can avail of benefits like Nil import duty & zero-rated GST among other state benefits. It also offers enhanced business advantages to existing and potential customers, including flexibility to expand product lines while retaining GST & Import Duty benefits and a wider choice of locations within the SEZ.
  • Companies from diverse sectors such as IT/ITeS, Engineering, Automotive and Auto Ancillary, Apparel, Handicrafts, Stone & Marbles, and Food Processing can be a part of Multi-Sector SEZ.
  • Mahindra World City, Jaipur’s Multi-Sector SEZ is well-positioned to boost domestic manufacturing & exports from India via a ready industrial ecosystem that enables faster go-to-market and augmented business growth.
  • No of clients: 60+ including Infosys, Wipro, Deutsche Bank, MetLife, EXL, Sigma Electric, KnitPro among others.

1.2 Domestic Tariff Area (DTA)

Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) is strategically located to enable businesses to cater to the growing Indian market with access to affluent markets of the north and the west of India. This helps to provide many benefits to our clients, giving them an edge over their competition. 70+ leading corporations such as JCB, Perto, Amazon, Flipkart, KeraKoll, Shakti Hormann, Renew Power, Ball Corporation, and many others have set up operations in the DTA Zone at Mahindra World City Jaipur.

The key features of DTA are:
  • Multiple tenancy formats
  • Plug-n-play infrastructure
  • Well-connected road network
  • Fail safe utilities
  • Secure Environment
Advantages of DTA:
  • Ideal for diverse manufacturing sector & services industry
  • Master planning and Designing by International consultant
  • Modular plot options to give scalability & flexibility
  • Smart & Sustainable features
  • Adjacent to proposed social & residential infrastructure
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