Mahindra World City Club Members Day Celebration

12 Jul, 2017

MWC Club played proud hosts to the Members Day Celebrations at the club premises on Saturday, 29th July 2017. The event was opened exclusively to the Club members and received a huge response of over 375 members who were treated to a fun evening filled with activities, music and great food. The event began at 7pm and the kids were immediately engrossed in the Art section, where we had Balloon, Caricature and Tattoo artists who kept the kids completely occupied, while the adults and the parents found time to walk around, meet other co-members and interact and indulge in casual conversations. The club displayed various kiosks from Game stalls to Live Food stalls The Game stalls run by the Club staff included Roulette, Horse Race & Breaking the Pyramid, were an immediate hit as all members gathered around and displayed their sporting skills. The Club culinary team were at their best displaying Live action behind their stoves serving delicacies from Tandoor, Chinese and Fast Eats. The Chicken Tikkas & Veg Manchurians along with Bhel Puri were few of the favorites of the evening as guests treated their palates before going for the Dinner spread which was a simple yet, a delicious Vegetarian Buffet. As the DJ played on the latest tracks from different genres keeping all the dance lovers entertained on the Dance Floor, the event was concluded with a Grand Tambola where all members came together and made themselves comfortable and relaxed on the lawn grass, trying their luck at winning the game with the numbers called out by the host of the event. Post that, the event came to a close at 10:30pm with smiles all around summing up a memorable event at MWC Club.

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