Benefits Of Living In A Gated Community

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Since the beginning of humankind, as the world evolved and the sense of belonging prevailed, humans are known to be social. The two key aspects of sharing and giving are deep-rooted in our lives, and we hope to carry them along with us every day. These same aspects get replicated when it comes to buying a home. Although some people love to be by themselves in an independent house, most of us crave that sense of security and community living.

As Chennai grows as a city and with employment opportunities galore, buying a home in an integrated township seems a safe bet for most people. While there are plenty of gated communities in Chennai, it’s not every day that you find one that perfectly fits the bill. But, how would you know the benefits of gated community living? We are here to list them out for you. Besides security, several other factors make community living what it is – fulfilling.

Top-end facilities at your doorstep: Several gated communities or townships like the one we have in Chennai, called Mahindra World City Chennai, have backup power options, treated water facilities, and solar-powered residences, amongst other essential amenities and features.

Robust infrastructure in the vicinity: A well-built and designed gated community may also cater to commercial complexes, shopping complexes, schools and hospitals, and employment hubs within the township or a short drive away to meet the demand for township living.

A close-knit community with a premium lifestyle: Since gated community living and integrated townships are gaining popularity, the added advantage of like-minded people coming together and living in such communities has increased. This factor has helped build interpersonal relationships and raise the lifestyle quotient.

That said, there’s more to community living than having all the facilities within arm’s reach. A balance of both work and family-life helps achieve a fulfilling lifestyle that you’ve always aimed for in life. In that sense, Mahindra Lifespaces has redefined the community living aspect through Mahindra World City. Apart from commercial spaces, schools, shopping centres, and offices within walking distance, this integrated township has a sprawling ecosystem spread across 1550 acres. Mahindra World City Chennai has even taken up sustainable measures to reduce the carbon footprint and create an environment-friendly lifestyle. The four pillars of Mahindra Lifespaces’ sustainability policy include:

  • Sustainable Products: A 100% green-certified portfolio of projects across India.
  • Sustainable Sites: Welfare of the workforce, resource conservation, biodiversity, and climate change mitigation towards creating sustainable construction sites.
  • Sustainable Offices: Creating a safe, nurturing, and inspiring workplace for all Mahindra Lifespaces’ employees and stakeholders abiding by our sustainable development rules.
  • Sustainable Communities: Driving a positive change in the communities through CSR interventions, thus promoting the sustainability agenda and ensuring everyone understands the importance of sustainability and the way forward.

Keeping these aspects in mind, Mahindra Lifespaces’ aim to create a sustainable, well-designed gated community bore fruit with Mahindra World City, Chennai. Currently, two projects – Aqualily Mahindra City & Lakewoods Mahindra World City – within the township, are marked with high-end features and amenities, and well-crafted residences. And with your workplace close by, you can strike that work-life balance and do more of what makes you happy. For more about community living, visit ‘Life at MWC Chennai.’

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