Boisar – bang for the buck Property Location

Boisar – bang for the buck

  • 29 May 2018

If you are thinking of investing in Boisar, this article lists the various reasons why this fast-growing industrial town is such an attractive housing destination today.

The prevailing sentiment among those looking to buy homes in MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) is that suburbs beyond Dahisar can be considered only if one is unable to afford property in Borivali.

However, there are fundamental flaws to this reasoning. The cost and features of a home are only some of the factors under advisement. Let us evaluate the many reasons to invest in a property beyond Dahisar, especially a Boisar property:

  • Large tracts of land are still available in areas like Boisar; thus, there is significant scope for development. Both large scale residential and commercial construction is possible in Boisar; so, with the area growing fast in terms of built space, there is good potential for price appreciation. In fact, it is a classic case of investing in real estate at the right time, when the scope for returns is high.
  • Renowned real estate developers such as Mahindra Lifespaces, have developed thoughtfully designed flats in Boisar. These homes offer modern amenities, together with the intuitive use of space and expansive community areas. Whether a 1 BHK flat in Boisar or a larger unit, buyers can be assured of well-designed, modern homes built to exacting standards.
  • Mahindra Lifespaces’property in Boisar , its second ‘Happinest’ project in India, is a 1 RK, 1 BHK and 2 BHK housing project spread over 14.86 acres. More than 550 units have been handed over at Happinest Boisar, with 750+ units sold till date. Projects such as these continue to see demand from buyers who seek long-term value from investments in reliable real estate brands.
  • Investing in a flat in Boisar can reap dividends for the future. Not only are prices for the best Boisar properties quite competitive, but the market has not yet reached its full potential .
  • Boisar properties are set to appreciate owing to planned infrastructure development in the region. Of the 4 proposed stations to be constructed in Maharashtra for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project, one will be in Boisar. With the bullet train passing via Boisar, real estate in the region is expected to get a major shot in the arm.
  • Boisar also scores on the connectivity quotient. Connectivity with Mumbai has improved significantly over the past few years, with local trains starting operations between Churchgate and Dahanu, and will be further enhanced with 4-lane railway tracks currently under construction. The proposed DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) is slated to pass through Boisar, adding to its commercial appeal. Meanwhile, Boisar is also home to many schools, shopping malls and prominent healthcare outlets. In the past few years, Boisar has seen a lot of economic activity, resulting in a significant amount of job creation and a strong demand for housing. So, when you buy a 1 BHK flat in Boisar, you gain access to all that you need at convenient distances.

Boisar is today not only a gateway to the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), but also among the most affordable places in the MMR region.