The Lifestyle Benefits Of Living In A Green Building

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Green buildings are a relatively newer concept in India. However, these innovative structures have a lot of potential for wide adoption. Simply because of the environmental as well as the lifestyle benefits they offer.

By definition, a Green Building is a structure that reduces or eliminates negative impact and can create a positive impact on our natural environment, by means of its design, construction or operation. A structure has to pass certain regulations prescribed by various authorities in order to achieve a certification and provide the benefits of a green building certification to its occupants as well as the developers.

While the benefits of Green Buildings for the environment are commonly talked about, its lifestyle benefits are lesser known. Which is why, we would like to share them here.

Lower Life Cycle Costs
Green buildings are designed for efficient utilisation of natural resources. While conserving these natural resources, they also offer economical benefits to its residents.

To give you an example, the ‘green’ construction at our project Mahindra Windchimes (Bengaluru) has resulted in savings up to 20% on electricity bills owing to energy efficient walls and roofs and allowing adequate daylight indoors. Moreover, the use of low-flow water fixtures, rain-water harvesting system and solar water heating system has resulted in up to 30% savings on water bills.

Healthier Living
Not just economic benefits, but green buildings offer health benefits to its residents too. It is mainly achieved through innovative design and construction practices.

Going back to Windchimes, the use of low volatile organic compound paints at the project results in better indoor air quality and lower indoor air pollution.

Waste To Wealth
Efficient waste management is one vital part of green construction. It not only ensures cleaner environments, but also results in production of organic fuels.

At Mahindra Windchimes, a dry and wet waste segregation system is provided for every apartment. After collection, 100% of the organic waste is treated and used as manure for the vegetation inside the project.

Tax Benefits
Since Green Buildings are beneficial for the environment, many state governments are planning to introduce incentives to encourage their construction and sale. Both developers as well as buyers would be able to avail incentives.

The Karnataka state government is considering offering incentives like reduction in property tax and stamp duty under the Karnataka Green Building Incentive Policy. As Windchimes is a Green Building located in Bengaluru, homebuyers are welcome to enquire for such incentives with our team.

Choosing to live in a Green Building can be the smartest decision you can make. Along with the positive feeling of contributing towards environmental conservation, you will also experience the joy of living an efficient lifestyle.


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