Buying Over Renting: Which is Better?

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Frequent transfers on a job, uncertainty in a job, and rise in the property rates often prompt the current generation to rent homes over buying a home. Buying a house comes with great commitment, and hence people these days prefer to rent a house rather than investing money to buy one.

However, the current pandemic has made people think the other way. People have understood the importance of having a home and with so many new projects launched with exciting schemes and attractive mortgage options, buying a house seems to have the upper hand.

Are you wondering why buying is better than renting? This article will emphasise the benefits of buying a home versus renting.

Serves As A Good Investment Option

When you pay rent for an apartment, it goes into the hands of your landlord. However, if you put that same money in a monthly instalment towards your own house, you are securing an asset. A manageable liability of EMI can build your future and develop an investment that might fetch you a handsome profit.

Build As Per Your Wish

A rented house won’t allow you to alter the specifications as per your wish. However, your own house will be a reflection of your dreams. You don’t have to seek someone’s permission to decorate your house or renovate it.

You Can Enjoy Tax Benefits

Mortgage loans provide better tax benefits than rent options. You can avail of tax benefits on the interest amount, as well as on the principal amount. Declaring details of a home loan will cover most of your income for tax saving options.

Periodic Maintenance Is Up To You

Dwelling in a house will invite several periodic maintenances, and in a rented house, you will have to wait for your landlord’s permission to carry out any repair work. However, in your own nest, you will be solely responsible for fixing a broken corner of your home.

Enhancement In The Real Estate Value Will Boost Profit

Investors and financial experts in the market have a strong opinion about the gain in the real estate market. They believe that prices will go up every year, and hence, investing in a house may generate profit for you in the long run and build an asset for the next generation.

Mahindra Lifespaces Give You More Than One Reason to Buy

Mahindra Lifespaces brings you a wide range of homes in all parts of the country.
Built with an ultra-modern construction practice, sturdy structures, majestic architecture, and loaded with enthralling amenities, Mahindra Homes have it all.

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Thoughtfully built properties and affordable prices by Mahindra attract investors to end-users making it easier to buy a home than to rent it.

Mahindra’s prime projects are located at the prime locations of Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Gurgaon. You can explore a secure and comfortable lifestyle at each project.

Every property developed by Mahindra Lifespaces follows a practice that benefits everyone. Mahindra Lifespaces makes sure they give back and provide only the best to you. The key highlights of a Mahindra Property would be:

  • IGBC-Certified homes* to give you nothing but the best.
  • Homes driven by the thought of sustainable urbanisation.
  • Superb amenities that simplify everyone’s life.
  • Thoughtfully designed living spaces with green design & development.


Home buying versus renting has been the central topic of debate for many years. Nonetheless, with Mahindra Lifespaces offering gorgeous houses at affordable prices, it looks like an offer someone should not miss. Explore the properties and fulfil the dream of buying your own home and create an example of self-pride.

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