Why Should More People opt for Sustainable Homes in Bangalore?

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In the last decade, climate change and its ramifications have captured the arena of public discourse and modern living. As the global carbon emission levels inch dangerously close to the irreversible threshold, the urgency to act within the interest of the planet and its future has become imperative. Measures are being taken to help the planet recover and restore some of its earlier stable conditions, by working in tandem with sustainability policies. Therefore, sustainable housing and lifestyle choices are crucial steps in that direction. 

Sustainable homes have grown from a hypothetical possibility to a reality within the last few years. New housing projects and smarter energy solutions have gradually made their way into architectural engineering and led to the creation of sustainable homes that are entirely self-reliant and efficient. The focus on sustainable housing solutions is due to rapid urbanization that threatens natural biodiversity. For example, a city like Bangalore is an example of rapid industrialization, where the green cover only remains on the fringes and pockets of the city. Therefore, investing in a sustainable home in Bangalore would be a great starting point for those who hope to reconnect with nature and contribute to building a healthier planet.

Bangalore’s Population Outburst and Climate Crisis

Like most metropolitan cities, the temperate landscape of Bangalore was initially surrounded by greenery, and settlements occupied only a few areas of the topography. As time progressed, the population soared by 1028% from Greater Bangalore and outwards since 1973. This increase in population caused people to industrialize the land, giving rise to housing, industrial workspaces, and more. As a result of which, the biodiversity of Bangalore slowly diminished over time, factoring for only 2.96% of the area in 2020. While innovation and growth are inevitable in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, the importance of having adequate green cover to combat the effects of urbanization is something that requires urgent attention. 

Population and urbanization contribute to a major percentage of the global carbon emission levels every year. Because industries and homes are mostly powered by non-renewable resources that emit copious amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, greener and cleaner alternatives have become a pressing need. In this pursuit, sustainable homes in Bangalore emerge as a saving grace for those who wish to shift towards cleaner energy in their housing solutions. Therefore, let us take a closer look at how sustainable homes in Bangalore are reliable housing alternatives that can help save the beautiful city.

How Sustainable Homes in Bangalore Play an Important Role in Protecting the City: Mahindra Eden

The fundamentals of a sustainable home in Bangalore are its ability to generate its own energy and effectively sustain itself thereby protecting the biodiversity of Bangalore. Let us look at the ways in which a sustainable home can help enhance the city landscape. 

Climate Action Features: A sustainable home in Bangalore can generate and consume energy onsite through renewable energy sources such as Wind and Solar Energy and help reduce the carbon emission levels. Since the homes at Mahindra Eden are powered by renewable energy, they are better for the environment and help maintain the city clean and green.

Responsible Waste Management: One of the most crucial factors of a sustainable home is proper waste disposal and treatment. Mahindra Eden project pays great attention to the aspect of waste management, as it composts 100% of wet waste onsite, promotes primary and secondary waste segregation on-site through the provision of a resource recovery centre, handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste by authorized recyclers or waste handlers. This protects and saves the city from huge landfills that would have been created due to non-segregation & treatment of waste, and health impacts due to the same.

Building Sustainable Communities: Metropolitan cities are synonymous with fast-paced living that requires mobility. Sustainable homes in Bangalore ensure building a healthier and sustainable community for the modern age that is not completely reliant on non-renewable, carbon-intensive resources. From accessible travel and amenities, Mahindra Eden builds sustainable communities and a value chain using sustainable materials at its very core.

The prime goal of a sustainable home in Bangalore is to forge nature-positive living as a standard within the landscape of the metropolitan. Mahindra Eden protects not only the natural biodiversity of the city but also helps its inhabitants build a healthier relationship with nature and a sustainable and habitable planet for everyone.

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