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  • 29 December 2017

Not many Indian cities offer singletons the kind of security that Pune does. If you are single and moving to Pune for work or education, do so with a smile!

Up until a few years ago, there was a tendency to look askance at those who lived alone in the city, having migrated from their hometowns for work and career advancement. Not any more though. Today, single people migrating to new cities is more or less the norm in metros and Tier I cities across India, with aspirants willing to explore new horizons and geographies like never before. Millennials, particularly, are flocking to cities with growing employment options – a comfortable home, off-beat hangout joints, a cosmopolitan environment and opportunities to meet and network with interesting people are much sought after!

But Indian cities differ amongst themselves on their safety quotient, or how welcoming they are, of single people. While there is growing awareness of legal recourse, and ways to leverage social media to focus attention on important issues related to safety, incidents of crime against women continue to be on the rise. Also, single professionals unfortunately tend to elicit more suspicion or hesitation, especially when it comes to renting a home in a new city.

To sum it up, when taking up a role or position that involves moving to a new location, it certainly helps for the city to be welcoming and safe for single persons. Additionally, all-round entertainment, sound infrastructure development, connectivity and adequate social infrastructure in the form of shopping malls, retail and entertainment outlets, healthcare and fitness facilities, etc., all add up to a city’s attractiveness.

One of India’s most favoured cities, and a favourite of single working professionals across India, is Pune.

Everything you need, all in one city

There’s a popular Marathi saying - ‘Pune tithe kay une’? It loosely translates into, ‘What could you possibly ever lack in Pune?’

Pune is a vibrant, friendly and cosmopolitan city, very popular with single people who are at early stages of their career, and offering an ideal ecosystem for those looking for a new start. In the last two decades, the city has witnessed significant infrastructure development, including new housing projects. In fact, today luxury properties in Pune are ranked as amongst the best in the country.

Pune has traditionally been acknowledged as the seat of higher learning and Maratha culture in all of Maharashtra. Over the last 20 years or more, the city has become increasingly cosmopolitan, attracting students from across India to its reputed university and colleges, earning it the epithet of the ‘Oxford of the East’. Pune has also emerged as a major automobile and IT hub, and thereby offers ample job opportunities to qualified professionals from across India. Today, Pune is home to fast-growing businesses in housing, automobile, retail, pharma, media, software and biotech sectors, among others.

Its largely cosmopolitan culture and the influx of younger age groups have shaped Pune into a vibrant, young-at-heart city with a futuristic outlook. Clean and green, the city is also home to a vibrant music and theatre scene, and Pune loves to go restaurant hopping. Pune is a also a relatively safe city.

So singletons today are working, buying their own vehicles, and investing in properties in Pune. Though there is high demand for luxury homes, the price of properties in Pune are affordable as compared to cities like Mumbai and Delhi. So while many expats and migrants are moving into rental homes, many more are buying homes in Pune – and enjoying a balanced, healthy and relaxed life to the fullest!