Moving to Bangalore? Here is how to get the best deal on a home in the city! Property Location

Moving to Bangalore? Here is how to get the best deal on a home in the city!

  • 18 June 2018

The decision to buy or own a property or home is possibly one of the most important ones we make in our lives. And there is much planning that goes into the home-buying process. Professional requirements, connectivity options and neighbourhood specifics play a vital role in narrowing down one’s place of residence.

It makes sense to verify market trends that a city has seen over the years, together with property options, before deciding on a project.

So if Bangalore is a potential choice, one should ascertain:

  • What are the different types of residential properties in Bangalore that are currently up for sale?
  • Are there enough job opportunities in and around the vicinity?
  • What is the infrastructural growth of the area?
  • Is one looking for flats in Bangalore or is there a preference for duplex homes or villas?
  • Is the neighbourhood family-friendly?
  • What are rental rates like?

These are some basic due-diligence aspects. Let’s explore a few more.

Market know-how:

A thorough, unhurried market study is critical to evaluate projects and growth potential. Also, what are the current inventory levels in that area?

It is also important to evaluate mid-recent property price appreciation trends of any given locality. Other factors include social infrastructure such as educational institutions and healthcare and retail outlets; transport facilities; and future growth prospects of the area.

The early bird gets the worm!

This saying holds true when it comes to property buying. Optimal timing is a must to strike it right! Simple things such as getting a pre-approval on a bank loan can speed up the home buying process considerably. One can also look at properties that have been on the market for some time – the likelihood of offers or deals is higher on these.

Detail, detail

One way to find great deals on a home, especially in metro cities such as Bangalore or Mumbai, is to keep looking out for what’s new in the market. Take into consideration a project’s offerings, etc. It is advisable to consider trustworthy real estate developers with a proven track record such as Mahindra Lifespaces, to ensure RERA compliances and all statutory approvals. Clear land titles, all paperwork in place and a robust mechanism to address any customer queries are positive signs.

Follow the above-mentioned things and let your home-buying process be a smooth and joyful one!