Property Location
  • 15 January 2018

For decades, Delhi has been the preferred residential destination for those seeking spacious and comfortable homes in a well-planned, green and culturally vibrant capital city. As the seat of the national government, and home to prestigious colleges and universities, Delhi also attracts students from across India. The city is known for its monuments, shopping experiences, delectable street food and much more.

But change is a constant feature of urban development, and in 1979, a quiet revolution was beginning to take shape about 30 km away from New Delhi; that year, Gurgaon was formed by dividing a longstanding political district on the outskirts of New Delhi. Back then, Gurgaon – or ‘village of the gurus’ – had rocky soil, no local government, no railway link and little industrial base.

Yet urban dynamics are unpredictable and cities are continually evolving; the same Gurgaon today rivals Delhi in almost every aspect. A satellite city/town to Delhi, Gurgaon is now a prominent housing and commercial destination, with international schools, hotels and malls, and a good quality of life . A recent survey has ranked Gurgaon as the most attractive destination for real estate investment in the National Capital Region (NCR). Already home to over 15 lakh people, good connectivity, ample employment opportunities and best-in-class social infrastructure have contributed towards establishing Gurgaon as a coveted commercial and residential real estate investment destination. Many leading developers in India have a presence in Gurgaon today. Several infrastructure projects are either underway or being planned for Gurgaon, including a Metro line that will connect Old Gurgaon to other parts of the city, and a Southern Peripheral Road.

A property in Gurgaonis ideal for those who want to live in a fast-growing and futuristic city, near some of the country’s best malls, brands, shops and restaurants. One can look up localities like Golf Course Extension Road, home to residential properties in Gurgaonthat match the country’ finest.

Gurgaon: Offering an aspirational lifestyle

Gurgaon is an attractive and aspirational destination today, not just due to its proximity to Delhi, but also because of the employment and lifestyle choices it offers; the erstwhile suburb has come into its own, acquiring distinct identity an strong aspirational value. Today, the city covers an area of more than 700 sq. km., and is the destination of choice of numerous MNCs and start-ups. It is estimated to house more than a 1000 residential high rises, and is also home to 250 of the Fortune 500 companies in India. Upscale, well-maintained and self-sufficient neighbourhoods and projects, high quality social infrastructure and an overall forward-focused lifestyle characterise ‘the Gurgaon life’ . Consequently, those looking to invest in properties in Gurgaon are well-heeled and upwardly mobile, with a global outlook. They seek the finest in high-end living, and are unwilling to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to luxury homes. Several prominent real estate developers have created, or are in the process of creating, some of the best luxury homes in Gurgaon.

How to buy the best home in Gurgaon

• Location is everything. Consider growth corridors such as Golf Course Extension Road, which is connected to the National Highway 8, a big growth driver for the real estate market in the area. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is only half an hour’s drive away from the location. Besides, the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road and DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) are also easily accessible from here. The Rapid Metro Phase II runs along the entire Golf Course Extension Road.

• Another important consideration is greenery and ample open spaces – or thoughtful hardscaping and landscaping. This is essential for healthy and balanced community living.

• Green homes, or homes that are resource conscious when it comes to energy and water consumption, are increasingly gaining popularity among those who want to invest in homes with a conscience. For example, the design elements of Mahindra Lifespaces’ project ‘Luminare’ include energy-efficient walls and roofs, low-flow water fixtures, solar water heating systems, eco-friendly air-conditioning and STP treated water, all of which also contribute to substantial savings in electricity and water costs for occupants. Solar PV cells and LED lights for common areas, landscapes and amenities, help further reduce utilities expenses.

• Look for ready-possession apartments if you want to move in right away. Do ensure all requisite approvals and documentation is in place, including RERA registration.