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Real Estate Investment
  • Calender icon   6 July 2020
Here’s What Lies In Store For NRIs Looking To Invest In Mahindra Lifespaces

All the businesses and establishments globally have taken a hit due to the recent pandemic and are now on the verge of recovery, real estate included. Since everyone’s switched on the ‘savings’ mode, investment, therefore, has not necessarily taken a backseat. Being one of the safest assets, r...

Real Estate Investment
  • Calender icon   3 July 2020
The Lifestyle Benefits Of Living In A Green Building

Green buildings are a relatively newer concept in India. However, these innovative structures have a lot of potential for wide adoption. Simply because of the environmental as well as the lifestyle benefits they offer. By definition, a Green Building is a structure that reduces or eliminates nega...

Real Estate Investment
  • Calender icon   1 July 2020
What Makes Up A Luxury Home? Comforts To Expect

Today’s home buyer looks for something more when it comes to buying a new house. When the previous generations opted for convenience, the millennials today look for and need more comfort as well. This could be due to the rise in income and the spending tendencies of the current generation which is...