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Property Location
  • Calender icon   27 December 2019
Mahindra Lifespaces’ Two-fold Luxury Unravelled

Your aspirations guide and dictate your decisions - even when it comes to buying the home of your choice. Luxury has multi-fold definitions for different individuals. While some prefer boutique apartments, others would rather stay in a penthouse. Mahindra Lifespaces has taken these choices into cons...

Real Estate Investment
  • Calender icon   27 September 2019
Bengaluru’s Property Appreciation: The Factors Driving It!

Today, the valuation of a property in Bangalore is on the rise according to the latest real estate statistics. The appreciation is due to a multitude of factors that play a pivotal role in determining the price of the property. Demographics, location and interest rates are some of the key factors dr...

Property Location
  • Calender icon   31 May 2019
What Makes Bannerghatta Road Tick As The Choicest Residential Destination In Bengaluru?

For many years now, Bengaluru has found a higher pedestal with the city being considered as a shining spot for real estate investors and homebuyers. Investors can hope for good returns on investment and assured rental income while on the other hand, homebuyers can find a place that fits their lifest...