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Mahindra Happinest Boisar - Mrs. Madhumati Shinde Testimony

I always wanted a house, where all whatever facilities here are provided and yes i wanted those types of facilities only and which I got. All these things landscaping is good I can see and I can vouch for that especially during rains one must come and you know stay here to enjoy the beauty of the landscaping and of course the construction is good. Here I can say the good points no pollution and calm and you know, like here it is summer but there inside it is cool I don’t need an AC, a fan is enough. Fresh air, free from pollution, greenery and nicely constructed society, landscaping and it is like a resort just come and stay enjoy your holiday. Enjoy your holiday and then go back to your work. You can come for refreshing. This facilities we don’t get in other society, I don’t know but other societies rather small I think this is a big society and we have a lot of badminton and I have seen that what you call I don’t know the games over here that kids play and all that. This additional feature of gym yes that is very good, good for children and good for us. It is a very good thing that you have done all this you know additional facilities for us to enjoy. There is no doubt that Mahindra, it’s a brand name that is why I took here and yes it stood to its brand and so its good. Yes Mahindra construction, and landscaping and all their construction is very good. The construction the facilities everything is too good there is no doubt about it, yes that is very good.