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Mahindra Happinest Boisar - Mr. Ashtamker's Testimony

Hi, I am Mr. Ashtamker, this is my wife, Mrs. Ashtamker and my brother Mr. Jacob. We booked the flat in 2015. From the sales team Mr. Hanumant was there and before that Sarita, my daughter’s friend was there who also has a flat in “J” building. She told us that it’s been a nice experience for her and asked us to go for it.Then one day we came here, they showed us the charts and after that we had a 2-3 hour discussion post which he showed us the site and then we finalised the flat. The flat is in my daughter’s name and my name. We started making payments to the after-sales team and as promised they gave us the possession of our flat in June 2017. There was an inauguration and before the agreement was made, the sales team took us to Palghar and they were very helpful, especially Hanumant and someone else from Mahindra too came as a witness. Within half an hour we got all the formalities done and then we had a big function as well to celebrate and we called our friends also. It was a house-warming ceremony basically. Now we come here every other weekend and the sales team including Supriya and other members are there to welcome us. Supriya has helped us a lot. Recently we came here on the 31st and a huge party was arranged with a DJ and everything else, which took us by complete surprise. We enjoyed a lot on the New Years this time. We are very happy with everything especially the service we receive each time we come here. If there is even a small complaint, it is immediately attended to. Especially the security is very prompt so we find it very safe here. Now all we want is a flat next to ours to make our flat bigger and if the sales and service teams help us then we will surely buy one because my family is big. I have 3 daughters who have children so I can call them to stay anytime if the house is bigger. My only regret is that I bought one flat instead of two. So I would advise the Mahindra team to check with the customer first only if he or she is willing to buy another flat there.But overall we are very happy with our flat here.