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Mahindra Aqualily Chennai - Mr. Sadagopan's Testimony

I’m T.M Sadagopan, Retired Chemical Engineer. I’ve been a Chief Executive for three organisations over a period of 25 years. I have two boys, elder one is an MBA from IIM Lucknow. His wife is an MBA from XLRI. They stay in Gurgaon. Second son is a Computer Engineer and works for a startup. We are a contented family.
Can you please describe your experience with Mahindra Lifespaces?
I have been very happy to stay here and I had a good interaction with all the teams. Sales team has been extremely good at the time of purchase. The handover was very smooth and the jobs that needed to be done were done. All complaints were addressed immediately. There has been problem and my experience with the maintenance team has also been very good.
Share an instance.
The team has always exceeded my experiences. During the deluge during 2015, the recuperation period and getting back to normalcy has been extremely short and has exceeded my expectations. The extent of damage that had happened here and he way we had come back to normal was great. Thanks to Rishi and team! Considering the inundation, the basement was cleared within 7-8 days and electricity was brought back soon. Good team on work
What reasons for choosing Mahindra?
No air pollution, no water pollution, no power shortage. Good ambience and excellent spaces for walking etc. and the credibility of Mahindra, one of the top 5 builders.
We have been here for the past 29 months.
Experience has been very good here. People are responsive and have no regrets choosing this place.
Mahindra Lifespaces creates green homes that optimise sources. In other words these are homes with a conscience.
Most of the places in India have such developments. I think that is more than sufficient. This is bearing testimony for a green area. All this open space and fresh air is great.
Joyful homecoming
We are joyful, we are happy and this is our home. Basic philosophy is make your home happy, you yourself derive happiness by being contented and do not aspire for something big. Your joy is reduces. As long as you are contented, there is always happiness.