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Mahindra Antheia Pune Customer Testimonial - Mr. Umesh Kalra

Business was nearby brand Mahindra so the trust was always there and the property has come out to be a nice one in the area. So I think if you go by the brand or maybe you know setup so this property can be one of the top ten properties in Pune in coming years if we all residents make it happen like that or maintain the stuff that has been built and go one step further then that’s it. Maybe if somebody is buying property in such kind of society you know they will be like-minded people, who like to stay with people who can live in a society and be a part of each other till the time we live in the same society. And good brand, good quality of construction so that’s what made me take a decision that let’s buy a flat at Mahindra Lifespaces. So, one good part of the society is that the buildings are quite far off, good ventilation, good view, and no blockage. The team is wonderful. I have interacted with the CRM team as well and the FM team as well so both the teams are very cooperative. Whatever you have given is probably of a good standard. If you look at the positive sides of this particular society, it is what Bombay-Poona highway bus connectivity is there, Pimpri station is hardly 500 metres from here – walking distance, metro is coming just next to it, maybe hardly 200-250 metres so I don’t think anything from a customer point of view can refrain something whether I should look for. Brand is big you know and Mahindra Antheia whatever they have committed they will give, they have already given, they have delivered. I think they have given good service which is very important. Even after 2 years there is something happening and they are standing tall and delivering it.