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Making 2016 sustainable - 10 green New Years resolutions

Its a New Year and people around the globe are setting ambitious resolutions to make 2016 the best year. Whether its getting fit, losing weight or wasting less time watching cult TV dramas, the time for New Year resolutions is here again

But instead of going the traditional route and setting the same old goals, why not make the upcoming year a truly sustainable one?

While resolutions tend to run a tad cliché (east less, work out more, work better and so on), 2016 is a great year to start taking serious responsibility for our collective environmental impact.

From recycling waste to donating your old clothing, little steps can have a major impact on our community and the planet.

Here are 10 easy-to-follow sustainable resolutions to adopt for a brighter, greener 2016:

Eat less meatWhile not everyone is ready to become 100% vegetarian, there is little doubt that eating less meat is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon footprint. Pick one or two days a week where you will only cook vegetarian food. Find a good vegetarian food cooking book to learn the best recipes, and youre set!

Pick seasonal and local fruits/vegetables: While it can be tempting to eat strawberries in winter, when they have been imported from halfway across the planet or grown in energy-hungry greenhouses, theyre hardly sustainable. Do some research into what is naturally grown in your area in the season, and prefer them. This way, youll also rediscover the pleasure of meals changing with the seasons!

Cycle to work instead of drive: In 2016, why not resolve to be sustainable and healthy? Cycling to work instead of driving is an excellent way to cut back on personal vehicle emissions and to incorporating a healthy activity into your daily routine.

Use public transport more or car pooling: Start using public transport or car pooling to go to office or supermarket. This way you will contribute a lot in saving fuel and reducing pollution.

Make your home efficient:Switch to CFL light bulbs & take home efficiency to the next level.

Become a toxics-free household: From beauty products to clothes detergent and computer parts, we have become used to toxics products in our daily lives. Its the time to stop it. When buying new products, check what they are made of, and pick the one that will have the least toxic residues.

Keep your electronics for the year:New cell phone? Must absolutely have the latest iPad? How about the newly released gaming console? Our consumption of electronics is reaching records. Make a break, and promise not to buy new electronics this year, unless the one you already have breaks down (and when it does, ensure it is recycled properly!).

Take recycling to the next level.You probably have two different bins in your kitchen, sorting your waste to have it recycled. It doesnt end here though. In 2016 try to reduce the amount picked up by the garbage truck. If you have a garden, start your own compost. When youre at the supermarket, prefer products that are not over packaged.

Spend more time outdoors: Learn to enjoy nature again. Make a habit of taking a weekly walk outside. We have become so used to living in our houses or in our cars & offices that many people have no idea what nature looks like anymore.

Donating Clothes:Instead of tossing your old clothes into the recycling bin, consider donating them. Gifting clothing is a great and easy way to give your old clothes a second life.

Promises are made to be broken,and we all know how hard it is to keep New Year resolutions. These green resolution ideas, however, are easy to keep, and in many cases, theyll even save you money.

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