Arvind Subramanian

Managing Director & CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

Our planet has been grappling with several crises that continue to impact humanity - climate change and biodiversity loss, among many others – underscoring the need for decisive action across stakeholder categories including businesses, governments, citizens and academia, etc. Rising awareness of sustainability issues is reflected in growing consumer consciousness and increased investor interest. At the same time, accelerating urbanisation is exerting increasing pressure on the built environment - a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and resultant warming and climate change.

At MLDL, we have been Crafting Lives of our customers by building an ecosystem which enables balanced, sustainable & healthy living. Accordingly, all our residential developments and our integrated cities and industrial clusters incorporate sustainability principles across the value chain. In the design of our product portfolio, we are thus attuned to both the needs of society and those of the environment, which is reflected in the genesis of all our segments – Premium, Value, Integrated cities & Industrial clusters.

We are one of the first real estate companies in India to have committed to the global Science Based Targets initiative and to becoming carbon neutral by 2040. We have signed up to be part of the ‘net zero mission’ of IGBC and have also initiated the development of our climate-responsive design strategy in partnership with the Indo-Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP). Our actions will help ensure that all our projects are energy-efficient, resulting in savings for our customers, and mitigating our climate impact. We are cognizant of opportunities to accelerate change and reshape the real estate and construction ecosystem in India. Some of the shifts that we are exploring include technology and digitisation, adapting to changing customer expectations with respect to design and experience, increased control across the value chain, and seamless integration of sustainable business practices.

Sustainability is thus inherent in every aspect of our operations. Active participation by our stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, investors and policy makers - is helping us realise our vision of Bringing Alive Spaces that are future-focused and environmentally and socially resilient.