Ashvin Iyengar

Chief Business Development & Liaising Officer

Ashvin has significant multi-sector experience, including real estate, hospitality, and renewable energy. Prior to joining Mahindra Lifespaces, Ashvin had an entrepreneurial stint in the renewable energy space, and before that was part of the Chairman and MD’s office at Lemontree Hotels.

What drives him

“The first step towards changing the world is to make your own bed! - extract from a commencement speech by Admiral William H Mc.Raven ”

Life mantra

“Be water, my friend.”

Ashvin started his career wanting to be a chef, but soon realised that his real interest lay in eating (and not cooking)! Ashvin’s early professional stints were with Hyatt Hotels and the Indian Hotels Company in food and beverage operations. Ashvin is a graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai, and The School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University.

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