Mahindra Lifespaces’ Eco Friendly Home – A Pioneer Since 2014

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Taking small steps toward a greener future that ensures the habitability of the planet in the years to come has been a vital discussion and action point in the last decade. While scientists and climate change activists analyze methods to reverse the effects of global warming, companies, and people at the most basic levels have felt a sense of accountability around the relationship they share with the planet and its resources. As a result, the conversation around climate change has grown rapidly from discussions around energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste management to incorporating eco-conscious lifestyle solutions. 

With regards to housing, one of the universal requirements for most people is safety and affordability. As the population grows exponentially, most of the decisions made by people concerning their lifestyle revolve around land and living solutions. Since housing is the formative unit for most communities, developers and architects find ways to reflect a sense of climate consciousness through the introduction of eco friendly homes.

An eco friendly house, as the name implies is a home that is designed with the goal of being self-sufficient and having minimal impact on the environment. Let us understand the working of eco friendly homes and how it paves the way for a greener future.

Why are Eco Friendly Houses Important?

Homes consume huge amounts of energy. From electricity to water, the way households across the world consume energy contributes to a great extent to the global carbon emissions. Since these emission levels are a sign of the impending disasters that irreversible global warming can lead to, eco-conscious sustainable housing solutions are the need of the hour. In that pursuit, investing in an eco friendly house can largely change the course of global carbon emissions levels and mitigate the effects of the same by a significant margin. The shift from a consumption-based lifestyle to an energy-efficient lifestyle is an important requisite of modern living. Therefore, eco-friendly homes are a crucial step toward that progression. 

Factors that Make a House Eco-Friendly

The operation and function of an eco friendly house can be understood with the energy efficiency it provides through its design. A conventional home consumes energy using electrical appliances, pumping of water, waste production, and disposal. Compared to the same, an eco friendly house effectively consumes less amount of non-renewable energy and saves energy using efficient appliances. Let us take a close look at the varied factors of an eco friendly house:

  • Carbon Footprint

From cars to homes, a significant amount of energy generated using fossil fuels is consumed, leaving a serious impact on the carbon emission levels on a global scale. Similarly, our homes also operate using these non-renewable sources in most cases. On the contrary, eco friendly homes help reshape that metric and reduce the carbon emission levels. 

  • Power Consumption

As discussed earlier, the goal of an eco-friendly home is to reduce the carbon emissions of households. This is possible with the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, and the likes, and efficient appliances such as LED, 5-star-rated appliances, etc., making it a great alternative.

  • Water Consumption

The goal of most eco-friendly homes is to strive for 100% wastewater treatment using a sewage treatment plant (STP), reduce the dependency on freshwater using low flow fixtures, harvest rainwater on-site, and water meters to conserve water.

  • Waste Recycling

The production and improper management of waste are one of the biggest detriments to the environment. An eco friendly house strives to be completely self-reliant in terms of waste disposal and treatment where 100% of wet waste is composted on-site, and hazardous waste such as e-waste, batteries, etc., and non-hazardous waste like paper, plastic, etc. are treated by authorized waste handlers. 

Mahindra Lifespaces: Pioneer in Eco friendly Homes Since 2014

These sustainability features are the benchmark for a future that helps us visualize a healthier planet, and homes by Mahindra Lifespaces have been pioneering this vision since 2014. Energy-efficient, self-reliant, and closer to nature, eco friendly homes by Mahindra Lifespaces are the future. The design and construction that goes into the synthesis of the ideal eco-friendly homes at Mahindra Lifespaces have been a testament to their devotion and dedication to crafting a sustainable, cleaner, and greener future for all generations.

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