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    We have been successful in our projects so far and we would continue to provide better services. Building spaces is our proficiency and we aim to provide the best to our customer. We adorn the level of trust they have one us and do our best to prove our potential. Hear it from our clients.

    Location being the best USP of Mahindra Bloomdale, Mr. Ramakant Sharma goes on to say that the clean environment, brilliant amenities and features also pushed him to buy a home here. Watch the full video to know more.

    Mr. Ramakant Sharma Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    The construction quality, spacious homes and well-planned property design, along with the wonderful amenities helped Mr. Om Wairale take a firm decision of buying a home here at Mahindra Bloomdale. Here’s what else he had to say…

    Mr. Om Wairale Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Looking to live in the home they buy and not just an investment, Mr. and Mrs. Shukla were impressed with the location of the property, the many amenities that cater to kids as well as adults, features inside and outside the home and much more. Take a look!

    Mr. Sushil Shukla Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Mr. Patel found the amenities and features at Mahindra Bloomdale rather engaging. Take a look at what else he had to say about the property and the people there, that he found fascinating.

    Mr. Narsinhbhai Maganlal Patel Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    The trust Mahindra Lifespaces carries as a brand was the first thing that attracted Mr. Chandan Vichoray to take a look at the project and eventually invest in it. The well-spaced out property and a helpful sales team made it an easier decision for him. Watch the video to know more.

    Mr. Chandan Vichoray Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Everything with respect to the quality of construction, home-buying process, and support of the Mahindra Bloomdale team, tidiness within the property and the overall ambience of the project appealed to Mr Arvind Yadav and his family. Take a look at what else he has to say…

    Mr. Arvind Yadav Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Outstanding sales service, great surroundings, exceptional amenities and the association of the name Mahindra with the development was what Mr. & Mrs. Chakravarty found endearing about Bloomdale. There was one more thing that made them absolutely sure of buying a home here, take a look!

    Mrs. Archana Chakravarty Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    From understanding the customers and their housing needs to making them comfortable with the whole home-buying process, Akshay Patil and his wife appreciate a job well done by the Mahindra Bloomdale team. Here’s some more of what they had to say.

    Mr. Akshay Patil Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Right from the first interaction till the time of possession and beyond, the Mahindra Bloomdale team’s support and assistance was appreciated by Mr. Vishant Meshram who also goes on to say that they helped him willingly in acquiring a home here. Watch the full video for more on what he has to say…

    Mr. Vishant Meshram Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Proximity to various reputed schools and social infrastructure along with the in-house amenities and features was what brought Mr. Rahul Khokale and family to have a look at the project and eventually convinced them to buy a home here. Hear what else they have to say, right here...

    Mr. Rahul khokale Testimony

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    For Mahindra Lifespaces it not just about building homes but building relationships

    Mr. Anil Sharma's Testimony

    Luminare Gurgaon

    Happinest Avadi is an ideal home because of its technically superiority and affordability

    Mr. Charles Mizo's Testimony

    Happinest- Avadi

    Reason for choosing Mahindra Lifespaces is because of its processes, transparency and brand name

    Mr. Sanjay Joshi's Testimony

    Luminare Gurgaon

    We are proud to associate ourselves with Mahindra’s

    Mr. Rajesh Dixit's Testimony

    Mahindra Bloomdale, Nagpur

    All the complaints were addressed by the Mahindra Lifespaces team immediately

    Mr. Sadagopan's Testimony

    Mahindra Aqualily Chennai

    Happinest team has delivered as per expectation

    Mr. Krishna's Testimony

    Mahindra Happinest Avadi

    Experience with the team has been good and team. Documentation process has been made very easy

    Ms. Bernath Virginia's Testimony

    Mahindra Happinest Avadi

    Mahindra Happinest has exceeded our expectations

    Mr. Anindya Banerjee’s Testimony

    Mahindra Happinest Boisar

    Mahindra Happinest staff has been very helpful

    Mr. Ashtamker’s Testimony

    Mahindra Happinest Boisar

    Mahindra Happinest Boisar property has given us appreciation that was not possible for any other brand

    Mr. Pratik Sheth’s Testimony

    Mahindra Happinest Boisar

    After visiting many properties in Nagpur, Mr. R.K. Sharma finally found the perfect flat in Nagpur at Mahindra Lifespaces’ Bloomdale where the quality of life is great and the facilities are top upto to the mark. Here’s a glimpse into what else he had to say.

    Mr. R.K. Sharma

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Mr. Mahurkar and his family came across Mahindra Lifespaces’ Bloomdale after looking at many properties in Nagpur. Right from the design to the facilities and open spaces, they were convinced that this is the only flat in Nagpur where they want to stay. Take a look!

    Mr. Mahurkar

    Bloomdale, Mihan Nagpur

    Here’s what Mr. Vaidya and his wife, one of the first privileged customers of Mahindra Happinest, Boisar, have to say about their flat in Boisar. They consider it to be one of the best properties in Boisar with great customer service, transparent interactions and value-for-money.

    Mr. Ketan Vaidya

    Mahindra Happinest Boisar

    Keeping the customer abreast with the latest updates and living up to their promise, Mr. Richard Benning was impressed with the service of Mahindra Happinest’s property in Boisar. Moreover, the entire landscape of this Boisar property is something he truly enjoys. Here’s more!

    Mr. Richard Benning

    Mahindra Happinest Boisar

    Happy with his property in Gurgaon and the service, Mr. Balbir Malhotra has only good things to say about Mahindra Luminare, Gurgaon. He has booked a flat here and is expecting possession soon as conveyed to him by the Mahindra staff. Take a look at what more he has to say!

    Mr. Balbir Malhotra

    Mahindra Luminare

    Mrs. Sharifa was looking for a house on sale in Avadi and came across Mahindra Happinest. She found it to be an ideal apartment in Avadi and decided to book a place here. Take a look at what else she has to say.

    Ms Sharifa

    Mahindra Happinest Avadi

    Here’s what Mr. Ajay Bhatt has to say about his new flat in Pune at Antheia which is one of the best properties in Pune that he came across. Find out more about his positive experience, right here.

    Mr. Ajay Bhatt

    Mahindra Antheia

    Quality construction and incredible service is what tempted Mr. Punyashil to book his own flat at one of the best properties in Pune at Mahindra Antheia. Here’s a glimpse into what else impressed him to invest in a home here.

    Mr. Punyashil

    Mahindra Antheia

    To start with, we would like to commend you on a very competent staff at Mahindra Antheia, in Pimpri. We have had a very pleasant experience right from the booking of our flat until possession, and continuing into post possession.

    All the staff, beginning with Mr. Paramvir Singh; and including Ms. Jonita, Mr. Anurag Vishwakarma and Mr. Dattatraya Dongrey. have genuinely helped us flat owners & even gone the extra mile to address our concerns and make the entire experience a pleasant one. In total, it is a ten on ten experience. We would recommend anyone who approaches us to consider Mahindra Lifepaces projects if they are looking to buy an apartment in the future. We once again thank the management of Mahindra Lifespaces for this wonderful experience.

    Dr. D. Gopalakrishnan and Dr. Vidya Viswanathan

    Unit no B 1, 904 Antheia, Pimpri

    We have recently shifted to Mahindra Antheia. Looking into the amenities and the vast responsibility to maintain and run the show without any hiccups is a challenging task, which your FM Team is performing very well. They are putting up a great show with the available resources.

    We wish they keep up the good work and also keep improving by the day to make our stay at Antheia even more wonderful and exciting. A special mention for the excellent management of FUN AT ANTHEIA EVENT held on 21st and 22nd January 2017. All the very best for FM Team .

    Anand Chougule

    Unit No A1 603 Antheia, Pimpri

    I appreciate each and everybody’s efforts and the support of the Mahindra Lifespaces team for making my stay comfortable and peaceful Mahindra Antheia. To put it simply, “Antheia” is a project with the best construction quality and the best facilities in the PCMC area.

    The team is positive and has a helpful attitude. The positive and helpful attitude of the Sales, CRM and Facility Mgmt. teams is an example of true professionalism in this industry. Keep it up and all the best.

    Parth Choudhary

    Unit No D3 407 Antheia, Pimpri

    I recently took possession of my flat at Antheia, in Pune. I had booked the flat purely from an investment perspective and knowing that my money is safe with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. However, when I visited the flat I was awed by the flawless construction, the thoughtful aspects of customer experience, the garbage chutes, additional staircase, the innovative window designs, fittings in the apartment and the overall ambience of the site.

    I was very thrilled with the entire experience . the way the sales, customer response and payments process was handled by the team. Hence, I felt I should write and express my feelings. Many thanks to the entire team at Mahindra Lifespaces.

    Richard de Souza

    Antheia, Pimpri

    We all Aqualilions really appreciate you and your team for doing your best and making us comfortable during cyclone Vardah, and also for recovering fast post cyclone.

    It was a tough job, but you and your team pulled off extra ordinary work. Thanks a lot.

    Vijay Desai and All Aqualilions

    Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    We have been through a terrible disaster and I take this opportunity to record my appreciation for the wonderful response you and your team have exhibited. From arranging for alternate sources of water, to clearing the fallen debris on the roads within Mahindra World City, Chennai, and working with the EB officials to restore power your team has pretty much done everything one would have expected a professional team to deliver.

    Plus they did all these with such a pleasant attitude that it makes living here a very delightful experience. I can only compare what we have managed to other similar residential complexes, and you guys are ahead by miles. I wish, and I hope, I am sharing the feelings of most people within Aqualily at MWC Chenn

    Shanmuganathan N

    Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mahindra Lifespaces team, and the CRM team specifically, for all the support and co operation extended to us during our journey to purchase our apartment at Aqualily in Mahindra World City. We really enjoyed working with you and our heartfelt thanks to you and your team. I would like to state that the difference between MLDL and other developers from my experience is the personal care and support extended to us.

    Thank you once again, and please convey our regards and thanks to all the members of the Mahindra Lifespaces team who directly and indirectly helped us. Thank you everyone.

    Mr.Mohideen Saleem and Ms.Fathima Saleem

    Unit no C2 601 Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    At the very onset, thanks for providing a good ambience at Aqualily, at Mahindra World City, Chennai. I bought a flat in Aqualily D6-201 and we are happy with the good atmosphere and facilities extended in the project. The space between blocks is sufficient, wherein air and lighting is good in all the blocks. Mahindra World City is less polluted, with lots of importance given to green plantation. I can see more trees and plants inside each housing project and also in Mahindra World City.

    I appreciate all your efforts in making a healthy environment for good living. Mahindra World City as a whole is well planned, and the management is striving to provide good and healthy living. Keep up the good work.

    Mr.Mulagur Damodar Harinath

    Unit no D6 201 Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    I would like to appreciate the excellent design and rainwater drainage system planned by Mahindra Lifespaces. Adding to this wonderful experience, what clearly took the cake was when we first viewed our “dream home” our villa. Mahindra Lifespaces has paid attention to details . this was quite evident from the architectural elegance, beautiful front elevation, and bright and airy spaces within.

    It met all of our requirements to the tee. It was far from the hustle and bustle of the madding crowd and the beautiful landscaping spelled tranquility. To add to this, the list of amenities left us awestruck. We strongly felt then that this development will transform into one of the finest integrated residential communities in Chennai .Thank you

    Mr.N.Sampath and Family

    Unit no Aqualily Villa 116B Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    I am writing this mail to place on record the excellent support extended by the Aqualily Facilities Management team during and after the cyclone. The team was on call to support during the aftermath of the cyclone and within no time restored the colony to its original grandeur. Kudos to Mr Manoranjan Dubey and his team.

    Dipinder Locham

    Unit no Villa 14 Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    Cyclone Vardah left a trail of destruction in its wake and it is painful to see the extent of havoc it has caused to our beautiful green surroundings. It is an uphill task to restore full normalcy to our lives here and I am sure there are many in your team who stand tall by their exemplary dedication and service during this time. In this regard, we wish to acknowledge the untiring efforts shown by Manoranjan Dubey and his team towards ensuring the comfort of Aqualilians.

    Their selfless commitment beyond the call of duty, resulted in Aqualilians tiding over this massive natural disaster with as little inconvenience as possible. Given the extraordinary circumstances, it was indeed commendable, how well the situation was managed, be it water supply, power back-up or clean-up of the common areas. The last few days must have been a period of severe stress for all, including the FM team at Aqualily at MWC Chennai, with multiple issues and complaints demanding urgent action. Our compliments to the team for handling the situation most efficiently and courteously. I hope the team continues to keep up its morale and dedication.

    I guess, with this effort, not only the FM team, but also Mahindra World City as a whole, has won many hearts and reinforced that our decision to invest in Aqualily was a very sound one. Thanks and Regards

    Jaishankar Krishnan & Bhawani Jaishankar

    Unit no VILLA PV 10 Aqualily, Chengalpattu

    It was such a great pleasure in having received the occupancy of A803 and A804 flats yesterday. We take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to the entire Ashvita team, ILFS personnel and the CRM team who oversaw the handover process. Please keep up the good work and best wishes for future endeavours.

    Mr. Sudhakar K

    Ashvita, Kukatpally

    I am living here for the past 3 months and enjoying every moment of my stay here, given the brilliant architectural plan, good ventilation, and happy living. The project has been designed keeping in mind value for the money and enhanced living quality. My entire family is enjoying the community and neighbourhood around. The Mahindra team is professional and extends their support system to makeliving here comfortable and delightful.

    Mr. Ravichandran R

    Ashvita, Kukatpally

    I thank the Mahindra Lifespaces team for their support, right from the start until now. All departments have supported us, including om modifications to finances

    Dr D A Raju

    Ashvita, Kukatpally

    I am taking this opportunity to put on record my appreciation for your team in Mahindra Lifespaces’ Ashvita project in Hyderabad . It’s been exactly years since I booked my flat A 1008, and I have not regretted the decision even one single day. I was always confident in the Mahindra Brand; however, during these 4 years, I realised why the Brand is, What the Brand is. I think it’s the DNA of the organisation which is making all the difference.

    I am sure that the same is the result of hard work put in by leadership. The interaction with teams has always been excellent. Personally, I would like to put on record the excellent support extended by two of your colleagues; Ms Vasavi Kummari and Mr Sannibonia Apparao. Both of them were always eager to help, and at many times went beyond the call of duty, to help me. I look forward to many more investment opportunities with your firm

    Vishal Rana

    Ashvita, Kukatpally

    Of all the properties we have purchased or invested in, Mahindra Lifespaces has been the most reliable and dependable builder we have purchased from. We will surely buy from Mahindra Lifespaces again.

    Hari Kaul

    Unit no D 304 Aura, Near Dwarka Expressway

    My daughter and I are ardent fans of Mahindra Lifespaces, for your foresight and initiatives to provide affordable houses, which are the need of the hour. We are proud owners of two flats at Happinest, Avadi, Chennai.

    Shyamsundar Kesarla

    Happinest, Avadi

    Thanks for making efforts in getting my family our first dream home in Nagpur. I know, from the initial query of buying until delivery, we customers ask many queries and put your Customer Relationship teams in difficult situations, but you guys always responded to my queries. I would like to thank you for your efforts, perseverance, and attitude of service. Please accept our thanks again, for your efforts. My father expresses his gratitude too. I would also like to thank Saurabh, Ved, Syed Hafiz and Ruchikia.

    Sajid Khan

    Bloomdale, Mihan

    I would like to thank the entire team member of Mahindra Bloomdale for their wholehearted support in the replacement of a damaged commode in my flat 2C 505. I know this was not an easy task after the handover of the flat, but being a trusted brand and a customer-oriented company, I believed strongly that it would be replaced. You have made it happen andthis has increased the trust and brand value of Mahindra Lifespaces. It has been a very good experience and decision, that of having a flat in your reputed, world class society. Thank you very much.

    Arvind Yadav

    Bloomdale, Mihan

    I want to thank you immensely for the wonderful customer-centric approach and professionalism demonstrated by Mr. Boya of Mahindra Lifespaces. I have been interacting with Mr. Boya ever since I purchased this apartment in Mihan, with your esteemed organization. Mr. Boya has been wonderful and has always walked that extra mile to ensure that I as a customer remain duly satisfied. He has handled every ask of mine in a very mature and professional manner and has always been very kind and helpful at every crucial step of completion. He has even burnt the midnight oil by working on festivals, particularly Deepawali when he very kindly handed over the possession of our property to Shri Goenka ji (copied on this message). Mahindra Lifespaces is indeed blessed to have employees like Mr. Boya.

    I am every grateful to you Anuj ji, as well, as you both have delivered as a team. Thank you for giving us the cheque which has been duly received. Mr. Boya is a very sincere and committed person and is the perfect brand ambassador for Mahindra Lifespaces’ Bloomdale project at Mihan. Thank you again

    Akash Gupta

    Bloomdale, Mihan

    I had been looking for a property for 2 years. I live in the US and wanted to invest in Indian real estate…and finally went ahead with Happinest Boisar. What I really liked was that they were very true to their targeted dates for completion, Possession, etc. Site visit was arranged and the sales guys were very prompt with their replies to every question I had. Living so far away, really needed to rely on this. Finally, after booking, it has been very smooth with customer service. Spoorti Desai addresses my questions, updates on construction, payment demands and collection of cheques etc. Couldn't have asked for better.

    Ms Anita Lakhaney

    Unit No D2 34 Phase 3 Happinest, Boisar

    We are extremely pleased with the progress of the Mahindra Windchimes project. Your team is very professional and courteous, and keeps us well informed about project developments. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

    Balaji Mathur

    Windchimes, Bannerghatta Road

    Our experience with Mahindra Windchimes has been outstanding. We particularly appreciate their detailed understanding of project engineering, environment, logistics and above all, their hospitality, cooperation and adherence to timelines. We are happy to be a part of the project and wish them all the very best.

    Sonjib Mukharjee

    Windchimes, Bannerghatta Road

    Mahindra has provided a lot of help and guidance for our new settlement. We were assigned a personal executive, and Mr.Sunil Dudane was in constant touch with us. He acknowledged our calls from Chennai and the US; we were getting the monthly newsletters promptly. We have comfortably settled in out flat now, all thanks to Mahindra Lifespaces for their support and ease of work. Ms. Sonali was of great help to us too. We are extremely happy with the services and it has left a deep impression in our hearts!

    Mrs Vijayalakshmi

    This early and smooth possession could not have been possible without the tremendous help and support we received from the Mahindra Lifespaces staff. We have taken possession of the flat and are highly pleased the with the level of work. They made it so easy that I wasn’t loaded with any kind of work. I would like to thank you once again for all your help. It’s been an amazing journey till now, and I look forward to continuous support as we begin our interior work for early shifting into our new home.

    Mr Sumeet Banerjee

    We would like to take this opportunity in expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Mahindra Lifespaces team, especially Mr. Barinder Singh, for a wonderful experience. Barinder has always been helpful to us, whether it is during site visits, or for payment/possession related queries. He made possession process very simple for us, and the support he is still continuing to provide, even after possession, is remarkable.

    He seems to be occupied very busy person as he hands over possession with complete care and customer satisfaction to each and every customer. Sometimes we have even called after working hours/during holidays, but he has always been responsive, which make us feel satisfied. He understands our concerns/queries and his positive attitude towards the client is really appreciable. Because of such a fantastic experience, we feel like a part of the Mahindra family.

    Last but not the least, I really think Barinder is an asset to Mahindra and people like Barinder will always have the flag high for Mahindra. We like the newsletter sent by Neeraj and Sonia as well, as that helps us to stay updated on progress at Mahindra. Keep it up!!

    Mr Sanjeev Katyal Ruchipahwa

    Yesterday we attended the registration process with Mahindra Aura officials. The entire process took just 30 minutes. It was very well coordinated and we are thankful to the team. It all went quite smoothly and they laid all the details in a perfect manner, and shared nuances of the project, which made me more comfortable and confident. We hope for a longer association with them.

    Mr Ravi Bijani

    I remember the day 24 Dec 2009. When I visited the site it was just barren land with on-going construction activities for the site office. There I met Mr. Vijesh, which was my first interaction with a Mahindra employee. He made me feel very comfortable and gave me all the details regarding the project. I was highly satisfied and am assured of their work.

    Mr. Shibu Varghese Mrs. Nisha P. V.

    We are extremely happy with the services provided to us by your executive, especially Mr. Sunil Dudane, who was so helpful in person, over the phone and also on email. We get all the monthly newsletters promptly. Sunil Dudhane was always acknowledging our calls from Chennai and the US. Our special thanks are also due to Ms.Sonali who too helped us.

    Mrs. Vijayalakshmi